Understanding Cancer

Vital Tips to Safeguard Yourself From This Deadly Disease

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Cancer can be known as a silent killer. To top it all, the number of cancer cases is rising at an alarming rate in the country. Did you know? Cancer can happen anywhere in the human body.


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It can be described as the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in one’s body. Once you suffer from cancer then it affects the normal functioning of your body. Cancer doesn’t lead to the death of the old cells but instead grows out of control, forming new and even abnormal cells. Furthermore, you will also be shocked to know that these extra cells can turn into a mass or tumour.


But, are you aware? There are some cancers like leukaemia, do not form tumours. Hence, you will have to sort immediate treatment if you have liver, lung, breast, head and neck, colorectal, or bladder cancer. Moreover, even prostate, cervical, skin, and oesophagal cancers require immediate attention. Likewise, each cancer has its own causes and symptoms. Hence, people should not ignore any warning symptoms like non-healing sore, altered bowel movements, a lump in the breast or any part of the body, change in voice, blood in urine or stool, weight loss. Ignoring these symptoms may cause delays in diagnosis and treatment.


Dr Atul Narayankar, Consultant Medical Oncology, Wockhardt Hospital, Mira Road shares vital tips to safeguard yourself from Cancer.


Know about the treatment options for cancer:

There is no same treatment for each patient. The treatment varies from person to person. Your doctor will suggest an appropriate treatment after determining the location of the tumour, the stage, and the type of cancer you suffer from. You will be asked to undergo surgery to remove the tumour. Chemotherapy, targeted therapy, or immunotherapy can be recommended to kill those cancerous cells or even radiation therapy can be used wherein x-rays tend to kill those cells that have become cancerous. But remember that you must not self-medicate or use untested/unreliable methods of treatment. Doing so is a strict no-no. 


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Follow these vital tips to safeguard yourself from cancer

You will have to maintain an optimum weight to keep cancer at bay. Being obese is a risk factor for cancer. Hence, exercise daily and stay fit. You can do activities of your choice like swimming, walking, aerobics, weight training, yoga, and jogging. Kick off your sedentary lifestyle and stay active by exercising for 30 minutes per day.


Stick to a healthy diet. Eat foods loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. Include fresh fruits, vegetables, legumes, pulses, and whole grains in your diet. Bid adieu to oily, junk, salty, processed and spicy foods. Cut down on sugary drinks and sweets.


Do not drink alcohol or use tobacco in any form.


To prevent skin cancer, stay away from the ultraviolet rays of the sun by reducing active sun exposure.


Certain cancers can be prevented with the help of vaccines. Get yourself immunized for HPV and HBV vaccine which will reduce the risk of cervical cancer and Liver cancer respectively.


Opt for regular mammograms for breast cancer. Do a Pap test to diagnose cervical cancer. Screening is a vital tool to detect cancer at an early stage and get it promptly treated. 


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